Common Used Yamato Packaging Machines

Yamato is currently one of the biggest names in the packaging industry when it comes to packaging machine manufacturers. Yamato got its start nearly a century ago in 1922.

These Are Yamato’s Most Popular Packaging Machines 

Back then, the company was just the manufacturing division in Japan’s Kawanishi Machinery Co., Ltd. It wasn’t until the year 1945 that Yamato gained its independence from Kawanaishi Machinery and began operating under its current name.

In the years since, Yamato has be able to become one of the industry’s leaders in the manufacturing of weighing equipment and systems. In 1969, yamato first began to manufacture digital electronic scales.


Later, the company went even further and began producing computerized multihead scales. Making use of the packaging industry’s newest technology has allowed Yamato to continually innovate and create new packaging machines.

Yamato’s packaging machines, which are in use in many kinds of used packaging equipment facilities, offer a large number of options and can be used to weigh many different products.


Checkweighing scales, used combination scales and food service scales and equipment are a few examples Yamato’s wide selection. Below are some of Yamato’s most popular packaging machines today.
used checkweigher

Platform Scales

Yamato’s platform scale is one of its most successful products. The splash-proof scales are constructed out of high-quality stainless steel.
If a packaging facility is interested in creating a complete packaging system, then one effective option is to use platform scales in combination with mezzanines.

Combination Weigher Scales

In addition to the platform scale, the combination weighers are another example of Yamato’s most commonly used products. Many different applications can benefit from the use of combination weighers, including counting, blending and mixing.


One way for production lines to give a massive boost to the line’s overall efficiency is to use combination weighers in conjunction with HFFS and VFFS packaging equipment.

Their Sigma and Alpha series are quite popular when it comes to combination weigher systems, in addition to the semi-automatic units and the Dataweigh Omega. Packaging facilities concerned with either speed or the handling of fragile items are ideal environments for Yamato’s combination weighers.

These machines also offer packaging facilities great flexibility, as they can be used both in washdown and non-washdown conditions.

Washdown Scales

Yamato’s washdown scale is yet another example of the company’s wide array of machines available. They are capable of performing several different functions. Just like their platform scales, the washdown scales are built from top-quality stainless steel.
These machines are not vulnerable to water, no matter how heavily they are exposed to it. This makes them perfect for packaging facilities to use in washdown environments, which tend to be quite harsh on other machines.

LCD Displays

Additionally, these washdown scales come with a user-friendly LCD display and annunciations.

In addition to the scales detailed above, Yamato also manufactures an impressive range of products for other industries. These include baby scales, digital scales, hanging scales, bench scales, food service scales, kitchen scales, grading and packing scales and legal or trade scales.

This impressively wide selection makes Yamato products appealing to many different packaging facilities today.

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  1. My company’s checkweigher broke down. I think it might be cheaper just to buy a used machine instead of trying to get the existing equipment repaired.

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