How to Maintain Iron Entry Doors

Iron entry doors are some of the toughest home construction materials available. These doors can stand up to the worst of damaging factors like weather, climate, and of course, time.

However, custom iron doors are not entirely indestructible. If left alone and neglected, they will inevitably wear out.

Although there is minimal need for iron door maintenance, it should not be taken for granted. Here are some upkeep measures that one can use for the iron doors of the house.


Before installing the door, it should be coated with a finish that has anti-oxidation properties. While iron already has an intrinsic capacity to withstand oxidation, an extra layer of protection wouldn’t hurt.

wrought iron door

There are also paint varieties that have rust-free features, which are perfect for those who want to shield an iron door while simultaneously improving its appearance.


These doors have to be cleaned every now and then, though not as frequently as doors made from other materials. The first step is to wipe the surface to rid it of dust and dirt. Then, it should be scrubbed using a clean rag and a mixture of warm water and soap.

The surface should be dried properly so as not to leave any moisture that can potentially degrade the material.



Quick action must be taken upon the discovery of rust and stains. Iron entry doors that are beginning to rust can still be saved. Rust removal solutions are available in grocery and home care shops.

Sanding the part riddled with rust and stains can also restore the previous condition of the door. There are cases where professional help is needed as well.

It is also important to be informed and vigilant about the condition of iron entry doors before and after the purchase.

Treating the Door

One should also occasionally treat the surface of iron entry doors with supplementary coatings of an anti-rust agent. The number of times touch-up treatments must be done would depend on the conditions to which the door is exposed.

Generally, iron doors in cold and wet climes have to be treated more often than those in hotter, drier regions.

Protecting the Iron Doors

Some factories have already employed protective measures to their iron products. Obtaining this information would let one know the extent of maintenance that has to be performed.

Periodically checking the state of these items can alert owners to problem areas that have to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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